How you help


When you enter the Amnesty International UK Raffle, humanity wins.

We are a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. And we’re a movement that produces extraordinary results. Prisoners of conscience are released. Death sentences are commuted. Torturers are brought to justice. Governments are persuaded to change their laws and practices. Our achievements have a huge impact on the lives of individual people. And your support makes us even stronger.

Germain Rukuki released

Germain Rukuki – a Burundian human rights defender – was arrested in 2017 and charged with “threatening state security” and “rebellion” for being an employee of an anti-torture campaign group. In 2018 he was found guilty of an array of fabricated charges and sentenced to 32 years in prison. His wife was heavily pregnant at the time of his arrest and gave birth shortly after.

However, Amnesty International supporters around the world campaigned tirelessly for his freedom. And in June 2021, thanks to the help of amazing people like you, Germain’s sentence was reduced from 32 years to just one, meaning he has been released! He is now reunited with his family and has finally met his youngest son.

Shortly after his release, Germain’s wife Emelyne send a message to Amnesty International supporters: "I am delighted by the release of Germain… from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all who have mobilised and made it possible for Germain to reunite with us."

Football welcomes refugees

Football is a shared passion for millions around the world. It has the power to overcome prejudice, forge friendships and bring people together. Amnesty International UK’s Football Welcomes initiative encourages football clubs to harness that power to welcome refugees and asylum seekers and promote inclusion.

This year more than 100 clubs got involved, including some big names from the premier league. From stadium tours and player visits to friendly tournaments, football clubs around the UK are putting on events to make refugees and asylum seekers feel welcome every weekend. This culminates in one big weekend in April when we bring clubs together to celebrate the contribution refugees make to the world’s most popular sport.

Your support is crucial

Although there is reason to celebrate, there is still much to be done. Germain, Ibrahim, Bernardo and many others have expressed their gratitude for the work our supporters have done to facilitate their releases. But there are still many more who are seeing their human rights violated and abused every single day.

When you enter the Amnesty International UK Raffle, humanity wins.