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Enter the Amnesty Raffle to win cash prizes, while protecting human rights across the world.

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You could win £5,000 and help humanity win too!

For just £2 per entry, you could help free someone from prison like Virginia and win a cash prize!

Virginia Laparra, a renowned anti-corruption prosecutor, was unjustly imprisoned in Guatemala in 2022, after filing a complaint against a judge for sharing confidential information.

Her trial was plagued with irregularities and violations of her human rights, yet outrageously she was still sentenced to four years in prison.

But she was not alone, Amnesty International got involved and quickly identified Virginia as a prisoner of conscience, who had been imprisoned solely for tackling corruption and impunity.

In January this year after relentless campaigning by Amnesty International, Virginia was freed early and reunited with her loved ones.

By entering our Amnesty Summer Raffle today you could get that winning feeling and help more people like Virginia.

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In 2023, our raffle proceeds totalled £188,278! We spent 65.6% of that on human rights work and raising further funds, 12.4% on prizes and 22% on running the raffles.

With 37 prizes up for grabs, we estimate that every entry will have a 1 in 4,320 chance of winning cash in this year’s Summer Raffle.